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To enter the enormous Chinese e-commerce market without a physical presence in the country you need a third party, a TP-partner also known as a TMall partner or Trusted partner.

We offer all the important TP-services; Store management, Marketing & Promotion, Visual Art, Customer service, IT management and Warehousing & Logistics.



In the Store management services we’re analyzing sales data from specific product categories, competitors info and customers behavior, we select suitable products and prices. 

The store is planned to serve the customers from whatever channel they enter and whatever customer type they are.

To succeed with your marketing efforts in China it’s important to know the mechanism of the different online channels and e-commerce platforms. People are highly integrated with their social platforms and e-channels. 

Search engines and social platforms are not the same as in Europe. In China, Wechat and Weibo are the dominating social platforms and Baidu is China’s equivalent to Google and is the fourth biggest search engine in the world. Advertising is also performed on the big e-commerce platforms like Tmall and JD. 

KOL’s, Key Opinion Leaders for example, are of growing importance in Chinese e-commerce. Live Streaming Shows are yet another example of popular advertising channels.

We have the knowledge to advise you in choosing among all of the different marketing channels and we will guide you to achieve the best return on your investment.

Our Customer service aims to satisfy customer’s needs for online telephone consultation, after-sales service requirements and complaints. We are devoted to the whole interaction process between customers and brands.

By listening to and collecting customer’s opinions in a comprehensive manner, we proceed with multidimensional analysis to provide better services with high quality.

We aim to create satisfactory customer service experiences through standardized customer service training and performance management.

Visual Art services are to visualize your ideas in your store, in social media, in print and in apps.

Our E-commerce management system

  • supports seamless connection with multiple e-commerce platforms, stores, and apps such as WeChat.

  • provides customized services based on different requirements of ERP systems.

  • reduces IT costs substantially by applying SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

  • expansion of the self-built system is highly flexible.  Our valuable data enhances our competitiveness and reduces costs efficiently.

  • incorporates the databases from social media and e-commerce, which generates added value for the company

A well-working Warehousing & Logistics solution is crucial for success in the e-commerce business. The customers want fast and reliable shipments as well as smooth return service.

With our one-stop, systematic, full-access warehousing and logistics solution, they can help customers solve all logistics pain points.  From warehousing, stockpile packaging, distribution, returning, we optimize the express combination.

Based on data analysis, the system can screen and match the best distribution carrier.  We not only provide customers with the best service but we also guarantee high-quality and low-cost national express delivery and logistics services.  Rapid courier services save communication costs between customers and logistics carriers.

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