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We offer Scandinavian companies a store in our Scandinavian mall on Tmall Global.

The costs to establish a flagship store on a Chinese e-commerce platform is relatively high.

To be a part of our mall is a way for you to reach the Chinese e-commerce market at a lower cost and also benefit from other Scandinavian brands in the mall.


Tmall Global, Kaola, VIP, JD Worldwide, XiaoHongShu.


Entering the market requires skills, experience and preparations.

Netanic makes a pilot study covering 

  • Cross-border e-commerce market and policies
  • Policies and fees of e-commerce platforms
  • Logistics-related services
  • TP operation related service (store mgt. customer service, IT, marketing)
  • Online e-commerce market industry
  • Operation proposal and strategy
  • Product selection and pricing

The pilot study report is a basis for your decision to start your cross-border e-commerce.


Planning & Strategy: We make it unique for your business

Design & Develop: Based on your strategy we design store and marketing activities

Reports & Statistics: Monthly detailed reports on your sales performance and marketing activities

Wechat Program

In China people tend to shop online far more than in any other country in the world. To shop in social networks is the habit of the young people of China. It’s more of a lifestyle and the Chinese influencers on the internet are growing rapidly. Shoppers create groups on social media such as Wechat where they can share purchase links and QR codes. Social shopping is more integrated with the brand and this makes shopping online in China very convenient for any kind of purchase.

Together with our partner we implement a Wechat program for your company.


KOLs, Key Opinion Leaders

Influencers, or as they are called in China – KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are extremely powerful, and are instrumental in most China marketing campaigns.Even if the KOL is not directly selling the product, they are heavily influencing purchasing decisions.

The biggest channels offering this kind of social media marketing are Wechat with it´s impressive 1 billion users per month and Weibo with 392 million users in 2017.

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